Raymond J. Steiner, Art critic/editor of ART TIMES, a literary Journal he co-founded with Cornelia Seckel in 1984, is a regular contributor of essays and articles to the publication. In addition to a monthly editorial Peeks & Piques! in which he airs his opinions and views on art, artists, and the artscene, Steiner writes reviews and critiques of current art exhibitions, occasional profiles on noteworthy living artists, and a monthly column that includes a brief synopsis of newly released artbooks.

Over the past thirty years, he has profiled approximately 100 American and European artists, both for ART TIMES as well as other publications including The Sunday Freeman, Woodstock Times and Lifestyle Magazine. In addition to his hundreds of articles and essays, Steiner has written Introductory Essays for several artist catalogue/monographs, most notably for such artists as Frank Mason, Pier Augusto Breccia, Chen Chi, Robert Angeloch and John Kleinhans. He has presented two scholarly papers, “Chen Chi: Master Watercolorist” at St. John's University for Chinese Contributions to America: An International Academic Conference at the Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel in Queens, NY in October 2000, and, in September 2002, “Art: From Iconography to Iconoclasm”” at the international conference The Transformation of the Christian Churches in Western Europe: 1945—2000 at the Catholic University in Leuven, Belgium.

His published books include: The Vessel of Splendor: A Return to the One; The Girl Who Couldn’t See (a book for young adults); 23 Woodstock Artists; Quarry Rubble (a book of poetry); Heinrich J. Jarczyk: Toward a Vision of Wholeness; Heinrich J. Jarczyk: Etchings 1968—1998; The Art Students League of New York: A History; Chen Chi Sketches and Drawings and The Mountain.

Two short stories, ‘The Apprentice’” and ‘The Man With the Flying Easel’”, were published, respectively, in a small literary journal and in ART TIMES; a novelette”, Scraps McGillicuddy, was also serialized in the pages of ART TIMES. A variety of articles including pieces on missing children, rape, the joys of piloting, etc. have been published in a wide variety of publications, as well as an essay on a Chrysanthemum Festival in Saugerties, NY for Travel/Leisure Magazine.

A recently completed book, a monograph, HongNian Zhang: The Making of a Master, is still in manuscript form and in search of a reputable publisher.

Steiner's written works have been translated into German, French, Italian, and Chinese.

His Editorials ~ Peeks and Piques!, Profiles, Art Reviews, and Critiques can also be accessed by going to the ART TIMES website. For more about The Mountain click onto the book cover above.